About Us

Ghods Khorassan Food Industries(Tomato paste, compote, canned, jam and sauce) to Hussein Asadi Hashemi started to work in 1973 in Golshahr Mashhad, with 32 workers, in a production floor with an area of 2400 sq.m, having annual capacity of 200 tons for producing 7 types of canned food products. In 1985, the new and present facility of factory of Ghods Khorassan was opened in an area of 3 hectares with more than 8000 sq.m of production floor at Opposite Toos Power Plant, 20-Km of Ghochan Road. After 43 years activity in the field of producing foods by using high-quality and standard raw materials, utilizing machinery and state of the art technology under supervision of health experts and producing engineers who are managed by committed and customer-focused managers, this company succeeded to increase its production to 4350 tons a year and production of food products including 7 kinds of canned food and conserves, two kinds of canned meat, 5 kinds of compotes, 6 kinds of jam, 4 kinds of sauce, and tomato paste in 3 size in different packaging. This quantity increment has been combined with improving the quality and nutritional value of the products. This company is proud to receive the National Medal of Standard and also taking international certificates of ISO 18001, ISO14001, ISO 22000 and HACCP which all indicate and confirm the tireless efforts of the company.